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Timeless Secret Anti-Aging Skin Care System

As Seen on TV, Timeless Secret is an anti-aging skin care system that will work wonders on your face in just 14 days. Timeless Secret has received excellent reviews. It can be purchased in a kit of 4 products that all work together to give your skin the maximum benefits of each treatment. These products were originally created by May and Michelle Wong. The Wong family had been using one of the ingredients, Pu-erh_tes, as a beauty aid and anti-aging product for generations. Timeless Secret beat out […]

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Obagi Skincare Products?

It is a wise idea to get Obagi skin care products through your derm – the first time that you use it. He or she will tell you the amount you should use (according to your skin, etc). But when you know which Obagi products and how much of each, buying it online will come out much cheaper. Using Obagi products can be rewarding as well as a little tasking. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of this system of products. The Advantages. Obagi contains the essentials […]

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Why Torricelumn Could Be An Important Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredient

Torricelumn is the key anti-aging ingredient present in only a small number of skincare products; made from natural substances, which were originally used to treat war wounds back in the 50s. Torricelumn works by helping support the skins natural renewal cycle; locking essential moistures in and making skin appear brighter and youthful. You can now find a full line of body and face skincare products including: Hand creams, cleansers, toners and moisturisers all full packed with rich antioxidants, nutrients and minerals bond together to penetrate deep into […]

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Top 10 Salon & Spa Promotions and Marketing Ideas

1. Networking and Connecting to gain the Leading Edge. Getting out and making a name for yourself is important. It’s not enough to place a sign out front and run an advertisement in the paper and wait for the phone to ring. You are more likely to get business from people who have made contact with you or know you. Participate in your community and join groups where you can network with people in your suburb or town, you’ll be able to make connections, get the word […]

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